About us

Bomorrang LLC is the creation of two individuals with a dream of making games. Both creative minds had a dream of creating mobile game apps that are entertaining and easy to pick up. Starting from the ground up (and we mean from the ground up), they learned the process of creating mobile games to create their first game, Bomb Block. Although a rocky first experience, making this first game with zero design and programming experience allowed the makers to learn the process of making ups, leading to the following games: Ninja Baby, Alien Run, Pretty Pink Slots, Cupcake Catch (one of several games in their "Catch" games), Lady Hot Slots and many more to come!


There are many original game ideas floating up in their heads! And their dream is to make each of those games for casual game players to enjoy. Please take a look at the blog section if you are interested in learning about the experience of creating mobile game apps. This blog has also become the basis of another Bomorrang App called, "Making Apps" which can be found in the app store as well.


Please support independent game developers and to keep original game ideas coming. Have fun!


























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Address: PO Box 3355 Granada Hills, CA 91394