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Thank you for downloading this free app/blog. I hope you find it useful as everything written in this app/blog is based on my own personal experience making my free app games "Bomb Block" and "Doodle Catch" (my first and second apps) + my educational app "Making Apps" which you may be reading right now from the app and my reskinned apps "Smiley Catch" and "Cupcake Catch" (with zero prior experience making apps). I mean it- I had ZERO experience making apps. Yet here I am working on my 26th app as you are reading this. My most recent games are Ninja Baby - Fury of the Diaper Fighter and Alien Run, both super fun running games that I know you will like.

Please remember that this app will not teach you programming or graphics designing. Rather, it is made for people that wish to create apps by using designers and programmers (contractors) to create their dream apps. If you would like a specific topic covered, please write to and your topic may be added next.

Please take a moment to review this app on the app store to keep the topics coming. As a game developer, you will learn how important it is to get crucial ratings and how difficult it is to get people to take just 30 seconds of their life to do this for your app (it's like asking for their first born, I kid you not!). If you provide a rating and review for this app and write to with your user ID in the app store, I will send you a free bonus secret on marketing your apps to millions at literally a dirt cheap price! You will be floored, I promise you. This secret will also expose tons of other dirt cheap methods to market your apps. But this secret is only for those that can sacrifice 30 seconds of their time to rate my app. Sound good? Whachu waiting for?

Lastly, of course, this is a free app supported by Ads. I know ads are irritating but times have changed. It is more difficult for apps to be found in the app stores so many developers are choosing to go this route; make free games/apps and rely solely on ad revenue. Please accept my apologies in advanced if the ads are a bit much but remember that you will likely go this route yourself! =) See how I have incorporated ads into my apps and think about it as a user so it will help you when you are placing your ads if you go the ads route.

Please check out, download and review all of my apps. Support small independent game developers. Ratings keep the updates coming.


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Making Apps