Making Apps: App Store Uploading
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Uploading your app to the App store will require you to give your developer access to your apple iTunes. Your developer will need to access your developer account to create a few items such as certificates, provisioning files, etc. You don't need to know what all of this is, but just know that giving your username and password to someone should be considered dangerous. You should of course work with a trustworthy developer but think about it; you piss off your developer and all he needs to do is log in, change your password and hold your account for ransom. I'm not trying to make you paranoid (because this has not happened to me) but I like to plan ahead. Here is what I do.

Instead of giving my username and password, I give them access to something called Team Viewer. It is a free service you can download which will allow you to give your developer access to use your computer for a short period of time. Try it. download the software, and you simply provide your developer the code and password. Your developer will be able to log into your account (while you monitor) and get the necessary items he or she needs from your account. Once done, they log out and presto! They have what they need without ever getting your password. Is this the most ideal method? It depends; if you are in the US and your progammer is in another country where your schedules don't jive, then he or she will get frustrated at not having access to do the work. However, it can work but make sure you are available to support your developer.

To do the uploading of your app, a Mac is required. It is SUPER easy to do with just 3 or 4 clicks. Your developer will send you a zip file and you simply upload it. Now if you find that concept too daunting, you can do this a different and easier way. Use Team Viewer again, but this time, your developer will give YOU access to view his or her computer. If you log into your Apple developer account this way, they developer will not see your password (it is hidden by stars when you type it in) and also, even if your developer tried to change the password, they need to know what it is to add a new one. So, with this method, your developer can log in to your account, upload your app and get things done. 

This is one of the more nerve wracking parts of the app process but you will live if you play your cards right.

Making Apps: App Store Uploading