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Marketing. Freeking Marketing. I have to tell you that Marketing is one of the more difficult challenges you will experience as a developer. I won't tell you what I think will work if I have not tried it myself. The truth is I have done very little in marketing and have found success. Here are the things I have done to market my games:

1. Choosing game ideas that will naturally have a built in audience, thus making it more likely to get downloaded. I didn't pick games based on cupcakes, candies, fruits, cookies, fairys and smileys by accident. I picked themes that have been hot recently to give my games the best chance at being downloaded. This is absolutely part of marketing. Make games people actually want to download by making your themes into hot topics. Isn't candy still a hot theme? Who doesn't like cupcakes?

2. Place social media functions in my apps. This allows your players to upload scores and get others to download your game.

3. Create a website for your games. My website, which cost me $100 to design and $100 to program functions as a great marketing tool for my games. And it is the basis for my additional marketing tool which is the app you are likely reading this from. You must have a website to showcase your games and ensure you place a link to your website within your games so your other games can be found by players and fans of your games.

4. Ads. I have placed pop ads for my game Bomb Block on all my catch games. That game is being downloaded more frequently where before the catch games, it was getting modest downloads.

5. If you downloaded ANY of my games based on my advice from the app Making Apps, guess what? That is a powerful marketing tool for my games which I created. Within this very blog/app which is helping you make games, also helps me promote my games. But I am also giving you real advice which hopefully is helping you achieve your dream of making apps. So my friend, we both benefit. I see my games being downloaded on a daily basis and "Making Apps" also has regular downloads, which means more eyes for my apps. It works!

6. Friends and family. You must do your best to promote your game within your personal circle of friends and family. Don't be afraid to ask them to download and rate your game (don't hold our breath on geting ratings though, even from your loved ones). Bottom line, downloading your game should come easy for them to help you. Also, promote your app to your facebook and twitter friends yourself. You must hustle and get people to notice.

Again, marketing is a very very difficult topic. I could tell you about the other things which are advised like sending out press releases, throwing a launch party, using a third party app marketing consultant that guarantees you a bundle of services, etc. But I have not done any of these and I don't want to give advice on something I did not participate in. I have tried writing to tons of app review sites which is always at the top of app marketing advice articles and books and I got exactly zero response. So I don't even try any more and guess what, my apps still get downloaded. I focus on the things I have outlined above and it seems to be working. I am not saying don't try other things. By all means, keep trying new ways to market your app. Be creative and don't give up. I will update this blog post with more things I have done to promote but it was sitting empty for a few weeks and I wanted to post some general ideas and will add much more soon!

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Making Apps: Marketing