Making Apps: Reskinning
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When thinking of a design, you may want to think about something that has proven to be succesful with many developers including us! Reskin a existing app and release it over and over. The idea here is that there is a lot of cost involved in creating an application from the ground up; from concept, to artwork, to programming; to marketing. 

Why not simply take an existing application that is already proven to be succesful and re-imagine it. For example, a 2D snowboarding game where you press the screen to make the snowboarder slide then fly across hills (like Tiny Wings) can be reimagined as a police chase game where police cars are chasing a car (It has been done by a succesful company that operates with reskinning tons of apps). This would involve minimal programming; just replacing of graphics and sounds which can cost only $50 - $200 for new graphics and $100-$300 for programming (replacing graphics in the existing source code) as opposed to a full $1500-$3000 for a built from scratch app!

There are many places where you can buy a source code for an existing game and you simply reskin it. Do an online search for "buy source code" and you can find tons of places that sell source codes. You must do your homework and ensure that you are buying a good code. Look for ratings on the code and do an additional online search for the source code you decide on. Research it to death to ensure you have a solid source. Many of the places where you buy the source will also show you the names of apps that have been reskinned using the source you are interested in. Go to the respective app store and download the game; play it, feel it out, look at the ads and the in-apps purchases. Make sure it is a source you like and that you can handle the reskin. Also, think about how you can reskin the hell out of the game as well like releasing it as various themes.

The other alternative is to create your own game and reskin it several times which is the route I took and it has been great. When you think of your first application idea, have this in mind. If you choose to make your own app,  how could you take the core game mechanics and reimagine the game mechanics as a whole new game; a game can have a water theme, a sky theme, a outerspace theme, etc. Pick a diverse game idea that you can take and reskin over and over thus getting a great value from your investment. I have done this with my game Doodle Catch. I invested a nice chunk of change for that game and it didn't really take off like I hoped. Rather than create a whole new game and risk releasing another dud to the toon of a couple of grand, I decided to reskin it as "Smiley Catch." Same game, just smileys instead of doodles. Smiley Catch actually started getting many downloads. Based on that, I decided to release "Cupcake Catch." The two games have been doing great on both on Apple and Android and both only cost me around $340 and $210 to reskin! I decided to go all out and made, "Candy Catch" (doing great on Android), "Fruit Catch," "Fairy Catch" (doing great on both markets), "Butterfly Catch" (The best performing of all my "Catch" games to date), "Ice Cream Catch" (doing great on Apple), and "Cookie Catch" (doing good even after the holidays). I have recoveredured my investment for Doodle Catch very quickly and the cost of each reskin in just a few days and now making money! It's been great and I literally want to do more but damn if I have not gotten busy. At the same time, I am improving each new version with additonal well placed ads and better graphics. I am taking the money I am making and now reskinning other games (my games Ninja Baby, Alien Run, Pretty Pink Slots and Lady Hot Slots are all reskins). I have 7 new reskins in the works. It's all exciting because now I am using the money I am making on ads to make more games.

Keep reading my other posts; this will all make sense.

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Making Apps: Reskinning