Making Apps: Paid or Free?
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Making your application a paid app does have it's risks and rewards. In order to make your paid application more likely to be succesful, you must make a compelling game that will temp users to actually pony up a $1 for a game they have never played. It's difficult to get that done because of the sheer volume of free quality apps already in the respective app stores. You will need a great looking game that functions well, is compelling, fun to play, has no bugs, makes people feel good, gets lots of ratings and gives people a reason keep playing over and over again. If only it was that easy. You can make two versions of a game; one that is a paid game and one that is the same game with ads on it. My experience has been that paid apps are difficult to get noticed; my game bomb block has a paid version and a free version and guess what? The free version has tons more downloads and people replaying. It has made more money in ad revenue than people paying $1 to buy the paid version.

A nice option that will get you results is creating a game that has a combination of both; free to download with options to remove ads or freemium. Create the same exact game you want to make, then ad multiple kinds of ads. Please read the next post on Ad what ad networks I have used and found success with.

Making Apps: Paid or Free?