Making Apps: REJECTED!
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In the previous topic of Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, I did not cover a topic that is important because I wanted it to have a section all to itself.

Apple Rejecting your app!

It is one of the most frustrating parts of making apps so please consider my thoughts below when thinking of your app idea. Apple is a funny company because there are many inconsistencies in the way apps are approved. You can submit an app with crude humor and it will be approved. Submit a similar app the next day and they will find it offensive and will reject it giving you 4 reasons why it was rejected. It makes no sense but it is something you will have to deal with because it's Apple's playground.

So what are the reasons for rejection that I experienced?

1. Crude Humor. I made an app called "Lady Hot Slots" - I wanted to use crude humor in making a slot machine game that had a bearded clam, cherry, pink pussycat, pink taco, etc. as the slots. It was supposed to be funny! And I went all the way in having the artwork made. I thought the cartoons were cute and not offensive. However, Apple rejected my app saying that it was offensive to females, not appropriate, blah blah blah. So I had to go back to my artist to modify the art and take away some of the crude stuff. When I resubmitted, it got rejected again because they found it was still crude. I had to actually appeal the rejection and it was finally released as is. I think the original reviewer was a female and had a vendeta against my app. Download it and see if you think it is crude. The version in the app store is the second rejected version later approved by the appeals person without any changes. Do you think it is offensive? That is a perfect illustration of this major weakness in Apple's approval process; humans make the call on each app and their personal feelings can get in the way.

2. Title; Your app can get rejected for the title. Hot having learned my lesson, I made another game called Cocky Hot Slots which I thought had a better chance of getting through the review process without changes. Fat Chance. It got flat out rejected just based on the word Cocky and that the game was full of innuendo. Well duh! That was the idea behind the game; it was supposed to be tongue in cheek but apparently it was too much for the reviewer. So I had to change the artwork of the game and change the title to Hunky Hot Slots.

3. Key words; don't get cute with key words. You cannot put "Angry Birds," "Tetris," "Candy Crush" or any other key words that reference other apps. You must be careful when picking your key words. Don't get cute because you will get rejected.

4. Ugly artwork. My game Alien Run was initially rejected due to "jaggy" and "low resolution" graphics. Yikes! They literally said they had higher standards and that I needed to give them better graphics. My designer had to create a better background for the game which was much nicer and sharper. I resubmitted the game and it was approved with the better background. 

5. Too many ads: My app "Pretty Pink Slots" was rejected because it was popping up too many ads. Apple literally told me I had to tone it done which I had to do. You must be careful with ads. Please read my section on ads to get some thoughts on effective ads.


This is only a small list of reasons for rejections which I personally experienced and I am sure there are 100s more. Learn from my mistakes to reduce the possibility of you getting rejected. My biggest advice is to not make games that are crude, even if a game is already in the store that is similar in crude nature to your idea. Apple literally says they will not consider existing crude games as a basis for your appeal to allow yours through. You might wind up with an app you cannot release after having spent tons of money. Based on my experience, my concept games "Nude Catch" and "Rug Muncher" are on indefinite hold LOL!


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Making Apps: REJECTED!