Making Apps: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas
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To create an iPhone game, you must first start with an idea. Don’t start by thinking of creating a Tetris clone (because there are already tons of them). And don’t start by thinking of creating the next Angry Birds (that took a lot of money and a lot of professional knowledge). 

• Think of an original idea; A game that does not already exist (or a variation of a game where you are adding something to it that makes it better, more compelling or just more fun!)

• Does your game solve a problem (curing boredom for a few minutes is a good solution to a problem I think- how many moms hand their phone to their kids while at the teller line so they can distract them for a minute?)

•    Who do you want to make this game for? Kids? Adults? Casual game players? Moms waiting in teller lines? Special needs kids? Gamblers?

•     Make sure it’s a game that you can conceptually create, not something that is overly complex and is more a pipe dream than a reality for you.

•    Create a few game ideas but don’t go overboard. It will be easy to come up with many ideas once you get started and get carried away. An important thing is to come up with some ideas and then stop. Otherwise, you will have many “aha” moments and get distracted over and over and over.

•    Pick the simplest game from your pool of game ideas to proceed with and stick to it.

•    Something you MUST have and you cannot do without is creativity of some sort. You need to be able to at least draw your game concept on paper. It does not need to be the Mona Lisa but at least be able to convey your idea to someone else by showing them a rough doodle.

•    Keep refining your idea. Think about it carefully. What could make that game MORE interesting? Write your ideas down or risk easily forgetting your own brainstorming revelations. Don’t change the game idea, just keep thinking of what you can add to it to make it funny, interesting, engaging, etc. (if your game can make someone laugh, you already have gold in your hands… or head).

•    Keep thinking about it and keep doodling and drawing. Also read the section about reskinning- creating your idea with reskinning in mind will allow you to make lots of money from one game idea. Here is a drawing I created when I first thought of Bomb Block (when I was calling it Rollo Block, Or Block n Roll). I created this simple idea on Microsoft paint but naturally you can just draw it out on paper. If the image does not display, click on this link:  

Making Apps: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas