Making Apps: Ad Networks
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If you choose to make your game with ads, here is some information for you based on my experience with several ad networks. You can add banner ads from companies like "Admob" and "iAds" - you can add full screen pop ups from companies like "Revmob," "Admob," "Applovin" and "Flurry." You can add an "App Wall" ad from "Leadbolt" which is a screen that shows several apps at once in an organized way for the player to view and choose from. You can add pop up ads at certain parts of your game like the game over screen, the pause menu and your store called interstitials from "Leadbolt," "Airpush" and "Chartboost" - you can even add video ads from companies like "Adcolony"

The ones I have had the most success with are Admob, Chartboost, Revmob and Applovin (in that order). Admob provides the lions share of my ad revenue at about 66% monthly. Chartboost is around 16% of my monthly ad revenue. Revmob is 8% of my ad revenue. Applovin is around 5%. The least successful are Leadbolt, Flurry and Adcolony (Adcolony for providing video ads - Adcolony literally pays pennies for the viewers to watch an entire video- it's such a joke that I recommend staying away from video ads. Seriously, it's not worth your effort) but the video ads are already integrated in some of my games in a way that they don't get in the way so I'm not spending more money to remove them. The worst offender was Airpush. One of my programmers could not even get it to work so I dropped it all together.

To add advertisements to your game, you will need to sign up for any of the companies you wish to use (there are tons). What you need to do is think about where you want to place your ads. You must be very thoughtful about this and ensure you do not bombard your players with ads. I actually received a bad review for "Making Apps" which you are reading now because someone thought it had too many ads! So you never know what some people will see as "too many." Once you have decided when and where you want ads incorporated, you simply sign up for the companies you wish to use and you will be able to get keys and codes which you provide to your programmer. Your programmer will need to go to those services and download something called an SDK which allows them to incorporate your ads to your game. Ask your developer if he is familiar or has integrated with the particular ad networks you are interested in. You simply need to provide the codes from the respective service to your developer (very easy to do). The ones that require a few extra steps (based on my experience) are Leadbolt and Chartboost but it's nothing major for you or the developer. The easiest by far is Applovin. You provide your designer with the code one time and he can use it on all future games, where as others require a unique code per game.

Also, you should incorporate the function to remove ads from your game. This is a great way to make money from your game (just don't expect a lot of sales from this. It will be paltry at best). You must register an in-app function for your individual game in the respective developer website (Apple or Android) and provide your programmer with the special codes given once you register those in-apps on Apple or Android. Your programmer can do this for you easily. KEEP IN MIND ad layout. When designing your game, if you have a banner ad at the bottom, what will happen when your users remove ads? Will there be a big open space at the bottom? Will you put your banner ad on top of graphics that are not important to the game? These are things you must think about before making your game.

Download free games that have ads and notice how most place their ads in a thoughful well placed way. Also notice that some games squeeze ads in places where they block gameplay (this can be intentional or accidental but the result is still a sloppy looking game). I STRONGLY suggest that you download many games and look at what they have done that you like and what they have done that you don't like with ads. Some games will pop up ads when you hit the pause button. Some games will pop up ads when the game is over. Some will pop up one ad and some will pop up three. Make a wishlist of what aspects of games you liked and incorporate those into your game. Whatever route you choose, just remember that you simply need to dream up the way it should work and your programmer will take care of incorporation.

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Making Apps: Ad Networks