Making Apps: The Concept Animation
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After thinking of an original game idea I had, I took it upon myself to create a concept animation using a simple GIF maker. You can download free GIF makers all over the Internet. You don't need to know any programming but to do this, you will need to have that little bit of creativity I mentioned in an earlier post. I created all the individual pieces on microsoft paint, downloaded a free iphone image online and began experimenting using the GIF maker. This is literally using old fashioned frame by frame animation. With a little time and patience, you can create this important part of your game yourself.

The reason for the concept animation is simple; You get to see how the game functions without investing anything more than time, energy and brain cells. It also helps to show how the game is supposed to look and work should you decide to move forward to have the game artwork created and later programmed. You can easily explain to the art designer and programmer how it should work or you can show them visually. I think a visual presentation takes away any possibility of mistakes. In my original idea, the "blocks" were longer and would emerge from the left and right side and connect with the center blocks. In the final game, of course, the blocks are literally blocks. If the image does not display, click on this link to view it:

Making Apps: The Concept Animation