Making Apps: How Much?
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Up to this point, you have not spent anything more than time on your game idea. You have a good game app idea and have visualized it (or maybe created a visual of the game to show others to get their feedback or affirmation). You believe in your game idea but you want to know who much this game will cost you. I can only tell you how much I spent on my games to give you an idea of the total cost you are looking at. Let me cut to the chase and give you the details in later posts:

Cost #1: Cost to sign up as a developer for apple is $99 per year. Google is $25 (one time)

Cost#2: Artwork. You have to get artwork made for your game. A good artist will cost you between $200 - $800 (and more depending on how detailed you get and how cheap your artist is willing to work). Also, if you happen to be lucky enough to know who to make the artwork, you can save yourself this cost. If you find a good artist and you both work well together, you can ask for lower prices for future projects.

Cost #3: Programming. To program a game for iPhone, you are looking at between $600 - $1200 (this is absolutely on the low end. It can cost a whole lot more depending on your programmer). To have the same game translated to Android, you are looking at between $400 to $800. If you are a programmer, then you can save yourself this cost. You may be lucky enough to find a good programmer that can do the work for less but you have to shop around. Just remember that you get what you pay for; cheaper does not mean good quality or timely. You might get a cheap programmer but it will take a LONG time or you may have to clean up a lot of the programmers errors during the testing phase (by reporting back the same errors over and over).

So, a game app like my game Bomb Block Free will cost around $2924. 

Please understand this is ONLY based on my experience. You may spend way less, or way more depending on the type of game you want to make and how much of the work you can make yourself. Also, it depends on your negotiation skills with artists and programmers.

My other game Doodle Catch cost me $2000 for programming only for both Android and all Apple devices since I decided to make the artwork myself with my limited amount of art skills (but hey, it is doodle themed so I knew I could do worse).

My third app, "Making Apps" which you are holding in your hands right now if you are reading this blog post from the app rather than the website cost only $471.64! This includes graphics, programming, adding Revmob, Admob and Leadbolt ads and web services (the programming involved that translates the text in my blog from my website to the app "making apps." That is VERY CHEAP considering it was for Android and Apple products including an iPad version and iPhone 5 version for one low price.

Let this info sink in and ask yourself if you have the resources to proceed with your dream. I hope to see you in the next post.

NOTE: Please read the post on reskinning apps. The cost of reskinning apps can cost about $50-$400 for new graphics and $100-$500 for programming (replacing graphics, thus "reskinning" an existing app). Notice how the cost of making each app keeps dropping? I've reskinned my game Doodle Catch into several games called Smiley Catch, Cupcake Catch, Catch Candy, Fairy Catch and Butterfly Catch. Graphics cost me $30 and for both Apple and Android version it is only $300 to reskin. This means my latest app will cost only $340 to make and I can keep reskinning this app with multiple themes for the low cost of $340!!

I am now reskinning Smiley Catch (doing a mini-reskin since many of the game assets or artwork are the same as Smiley Catch). With each theme, its cost me, get this, $210 since the work is minimal for the programmer! The cost just keeps dropping and dropping. Oh and each app can be programmed in one day after I turn over the artwork to my programmer.

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Making Apps: How Much?