Making Apps: Create a Requirements Page
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So at this point, you have created a great game idea, have the financial backing to support the app development and have decided how you wish to proceed as a developer (company or individual).

Now you must get your game idea down on a requirements page. This means you must visually (using Microsoft Word, or even on paper) get your game idea down to tell someone how the game works, what the goal of the game is, how it functions, what are the cause and effects, what happens when you press this button, etc.

What I did with my requirements page was break it down into two. One requirements page for an artist and one for a developer. So start with the artist. 

Draw the items your game needs. You can doodle this yourself. For example, what would you like your game icon to look like? You do not need to be an artist but surely you can doodle something to relay your ideas right? What items will be on the main menu? What wil the buttons on the main menu do? Will they lead to certain places? I suggest you download many games that have some similar qualities to your game idea and look at their options and pick out the parts you'd like to duplicate. Of course originality is great but there is nothing wrong with being inspired by other's ideas. Will your main menu have certain movements like characters blinking their eyes? Sparkles? Etc. Remember, it's ok to dream here because you are only writing things out. 

How will the game work? What things will move? Will your character move from left to right? These are the things you must write out and doodle. Think of all things that will happen within the game with detail and be as organized as you can be. Will your game require the player to collect things? Tap a certain number of things?

Think of the game over screen. What options will the player have when the game is over. Replay? Main Menu? Display their best score and their current score?

I am over simplifying here because nobody can tell you what your game will do but you and I can't stress how important it is to play other games to get ideas. This process is important because it gets the juices going and it also puts what you want the game to do on paper or computer so you can ultimately explain what you want to your artist or programmer. If you don't clearly know what you want, then how can your artist create something you will be happy with?

Now go through your list and keep refining it. Keep thinking of ways your game can improve (but don't go overboard because a game will never be perfect and you can waste a lot of time making your game perfect and years later, you'll still have no game). Go through your requirments page and create a list of the things your game will need. How many buttons? What about the main menu logo? What about your characters? Will they move? Will they have different states like standing, running, ducking? What items will the player collect? Coins? Create a list of all characters and items you need and try to organize these by main menu, main game play, pause menu, game over, etc.

Take a break and come back to this. Add further details with the idea that this requirements page will be to provide your artist so he or she understands exactly what they will need to create. Don't worry about animations yet. I will explain how animation functions in a later post.

Making Apps: Create a Requirements Page