Making Apps: Finding a Programmer
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You can find a programmer much the same way you found a designer on,,, etc. You will need to post an ad and provide your NDA to protect your idea before discussing the details of your project with a designer. Remember to SPECIFICALLY state in your ad that you need a programmer for Android (will work on all devices) and ALL Apple devices (iPhone and iPad). If you don't specifically address that you want an iPad version made, they can come back later and ask for more money for an iPad version. Get this detail out of the way upfront and at the start.

When you post your ad, you will get a lot of hits (designers willing and eager to make your game). Avoid the temptation to go for the cheapest designer if they have little or no ratings. Go with the cheapest programmer that has a higher rating. Also, don't forget that when you set the ad, you will be setting a price like "Under $1000" but your programmer may come back after you provide the specifications page and ask for more. Be firm! Once you have come up with a good price that you can live with, set up your deliverables in the following type of format:

1. 10% of total project cost upfront (Apple version)

2. 15% of total project cost paid upon first version delivered (Apple version)

3. 15% of total project paid upon final version delivered (Apple version)

4. 10% of total project paid upon Apple version being uploaded to the iTunes store for you including you receiving the "Source Code" for your game (A CRUCIAL file you need which is the master file of the game programmed and finished needed if you want to make future updates to your game!)

(Follow this same process for Android). I don't recommend paying upfront in full (as your programmer may lose all sense of urgency if they already have the money) but I also don't suggest breaking it down further than what is outlined above as you gotta give the programmer breathing room. If you try to control things SO much that you are overwhelming the programmer, you may turn your relationship sour quickly.

Side Note: You may also choose to find both your designer and programmer at the same time and do a Skype meeting with the three of you to brain storm, or introduce each other (note this is NOT the route I went because I wanted to have full control of communciation, learning from my designer directly and then learning from my programmer directly - but you may want to do this so both the designer and programmer can communicate with each other on what they need from each other to proceed. It's your choice). Naturally you will need to consider if you want to pay both or either hourly or a flat fee (I like flat fee myself so there are no surprises later).

When finding a programmer, ensure you ask the programmer if he or she will be using a programming language that can be easily translated or ported from iPhone to Android like Cocos2D or Unity since this will reduce the cost of the programmer having to do the programming from the ground up for both systems.

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Making Apps: Finding a Programmer